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This young blond decided she wanted to pay off all her bllls.

She started going door to door in her neighborhood asking if anyone needed something done for a little money.

She knocks on her first door. An elderly man answers. “Hello. I m trying to make some extra money to pay off bills. Do you have any odd jobs you need done”

The old man replies, “Well, you can paint the porch”.

She jumps for joy and says ‘Great! How much will you pay? ”

” One hundred dollars”, said the old man. ” The paint, rollers, and brushes are in the garage. Knock on the door when you’re done and I ll pay you “.

The old man goes back inside as the young blond bounds off to the garage.

” Does that poor girl know our porch wraps around the whole house? “, asks the old man’s wife.

” Of course she does. You’ ve heard too many dumb blond jokes.

Just at that moment there was a knock at the door.

The old man opens it to find a smiling face, “I’m done. And I had enough paint to give it two coats. By the way mister, that’s a Lexus. Not a Porche.