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Once Nasrudin went to a bath house. He was dressed in bit worn out and torn clothes.

When Bath attendant saw his torn clothes, he took him to be a poor man so didn’t pay much attention to him and didn’t gave him much care. Bath attendant services was really bad.

Even when Nasrudin asked for towel attendant just threw towel towards him. However, when Nasrudin left he gave that attendant a big tip.

Next week again Nasrudin went to same bath house. This time when attendant saw Nasrudin, he treated with much care and attention and gave him royal treatment.

Attendant was hoping for getting big tip even this time but Nasrudin flunked a mere dime his way and also gave him nasty look.

Attendant stood there in disappointed look on his face. Seeing this Nasrudin turned toward him and said, “Today’s tip was for the services you gave me last time and the tip which i gave you last time was for today’s services..”