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Once Nasrudin meet a rich man from another town. That man started talking to Nasrudin.

Man said, “I am rich but i feel sad and miserable all the time. With all this money i went far away for traveling in the search of joy but i still haven’t find it.”

While the man was speaking all this, Nasrudin grabbed bag from that man’s hand and ran off with it. Man started to run behind him but Nasrudin was fast soon he was out of sight of that rich man.

After running a while Nasrudin hid himself behind a tree and kept that bag on the road for rich man to see.

When rich man reached that road he saw that bag on the road. As soon as he got that bag his facial expression changed from distress to joy. Man danced in celebration after finding his bag.

Then Nasrudin thought to himself, “Well.. That’s one way to bring joy to a sad man..”