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Once a husband came home drunk and while entering he broke some crockery, vomited and fell down on floor.

His wife came and pulled him up and cleaned everything.

Next day, when husband got up, he remembered how he fell and expected that his wife would be really angry with him for coming home drunk.

He prayed that, his wife wouldn’t fight with him. He came out of room and started looking where his wife was at that time.

When he came near table, he saw a note, “Honey, today i made your favorite for breakfast and it on table. I have to leave early to buy grocery. I will back to you as soon as shopping is done. Love you my dear husband.”

Husband was surprised to see this. Husband couldn’t understand what happened.

When wife came back he asked, “What happened last night?”

Wife smiled and said, “Yesterday night when i pulled you to bed and tried to remove you boots and shirt… You were dead drunk and said.. Hey lady!! Leave me alone. I am married.”