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A Hindu saint was visiting to river Ganga to take bath. There he found a group of Family on the banks shouting at each other in anger.

After seeing this Saint turned towards his disciples smiled and asked, “Tell me Why do people Shout at Each other?”

All disciples thought for a while and then one of them said, “it’s because we lose our calm.”

“But, Why a person shouts at person who is just next to him? That person can tell him what ever he have to say to person he is angry with in soft manner.” Said Saint.

Again disciples gave many other answers but not any of these answers could satisfy saint.

Then Saint explained, “When two people get angry at each other, their Hearts are at lot of distance. To cover that distance they need to shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are, stronger they have to shout at each other to cover that distance.”

Saint continued, “What happens when people fall in Love? They don’t shout at each other and talk softly, its because their hearts are very close. The distance is like non existence or very small.”

Finally Saint said, “When they love each other even more, what happens? They don’t even speak just whisper and when they even love more they just look at each other and understand. This is how two people are close to each other when they love each other.”

When you Argue don’t let your Heart get Distant. Don’t say words that create even more distance or else one day there will be so much distance that you will not be able to find Path to Return to.