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April 10, 2003 – Atlanta, USA

Atlanta native auto mechanic Michael Ross publicly declares that he has given up the life long struggle to figure out what women really want.

This came after a recently published report estimating American corporations had spent over $1 billion dollars in 2001 to determine what want women want from their products and marketing, and had largely failed.

“If combining rooms full of highly skilled experts and truckloads of money can’t figure these women out, how on earth is the typical blue collar man with $28,000 after tax dollars a year supposed to?” said Mr. Ross during an interview with Atlanta news reporters.

“It may be that these women themselves have no idea what they are looking for or what will win them over. Many admit to having the exact same qualities in one man be endearing, while in another, off-putting.”

Mr. Ross’s web site has generated over 32,000 letters of support from other men in its guest book since his announcement earlier in the day.