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Seated on the bench of the garden, Meera was spending some quality time with herself. She was thinking how her life was changed after the marriage. But every single change was worth because it was for Raj. She was considering herself happy with the journey of few day’s marriage.

Meanwhile, she noticed a cute baby girl playing around. Cuteness of baby girl captured Meera’s attention. She was running and behind her, a six foot tall guy was running. His kiddish expressions were clearly showing that he was her dad. He became a kid with his daughter. He hugged her, cuddled her, kissed her and loved her in every single way.

Noticing to that incident, Meera missed her dad. Her memories with dad got refreshed. She took her mobile and drafted a text – “LOVE YOU DAD.”

She was surrendered into the sea of feeling so deeply that by mistake, she sent that text to PAPAJEE instead of PAPA.

Her father-in-law’s number was saved with PAPAJEE and her father’s number with PAPA in her mobile. She realized that she made a mistake, but the message was already gone. Lots of thought started to run through her mind. She was very much nervous and about to call Raj.

Just at that time she received a reply on her number. It was a text from PAPAJEE which read, “Love you my daughter. Dad :)”

Although, the message was sent to the wrong person, reply was same, even smiley wasn’t changed.

That day first time she realized that after the marriage not only relationships, but love too doubled.