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Once in a school, Girls started to leave kissing marks on mirror of restroom. Janitor was troubled by this because he had to clean them and it was difficult for him to clean that.

Janitor asked girls to stop doing that and left notices on toilet walls asking girls to stop leaving lipstick marks on mirrors but no avail, he had to wipe away kisses from mirror again.

Janitor went to Headmaster and told him about a persistent problem in girls restroom.

Next time, announcement was make by principle for girls about this but next day lot more kisses would be planted on mirror. It had become a bit of a game.

Seeing that girls would not understand this easy way. Head master thought of a creative way to solve this problem.

Next day, Few girls representatives from each class were asked to meet with head master at restroom.

When everyone came. Head master said, “Thank you for coming. You all can see that there are several lipstick kisses in the mirrors in this restroom.”

Some girls grinned at each other.

Then Head master said, “As you all understand that lipsticks are designed to stay on lips for long and that’s why lipsticks are not easy at all to clean from mirrors.

We have therefore developed a special cleaning regime. We would like you to see this and my hope is that when you see effort involved you will help spread word so that all those who are responsible for kisses use tissue paper instead of mirror.”

After this janitor stepped forward with a sponge cleaner with handle, which he took into one of the toilet cubicles and dipped into toilet bowl and then used that sponge to clean one of the lipstick covered mirrors.

Janitor smiled. Girls departed and after this there were no more lipstick kissed on the mirror.