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Once King weng visited his palace prison. There he meet prisoners and listened to their complaints.

One of the prisoner who was accused of murder said to him, “I am innocent.. Please release me.. I am here just because i wanted to give my wife a fright bu accidentally killed her..”

King went further. Here another prisoner said, “I was accused of taking bribe but all i did was accepted a gift..”

While walking through prisoners, many declared their innocence to king until he meet a young man.

Young man pleaded, “I am guilty. I wounded my brother in a fight and deserve punishment. This place had made me reflect on pain i had caused him.”

Listening to him King called his guards and said, “Remove this criminal from prison immediately.. If he stays here, he will end corrupting all these innocent men here..”

One who Realize his Mistake feels Guilty and Try to Correct that While those who Don’t realize find excuses for their innocence.