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Everyday, after school, Rabbi’s son would enter his house and keep his school bag on table and leave the house through back door.

At first, Rabbi didn’t gave it much thought.

But when it continued for weeks, Rabbi got concerned. Everyday, his son would leave from back door and would return back after an hour.

One day, when his son came back, Rabbi asked, “Son, i noticed that everyday you come back from school, you leave through back door and come back after an hour. Where do you go?”

Son replied, “Father i go to forest behind our house.”

Rabbi was confused and asked, “Why? What do you do there daily?”

Son replied, “There is no need to worry. I go there, to pray to God. It is in there that i can talk to God.”

Listening to this Rabbi was relieved. He smiled and said, “But you should know, as a son of Rabbi that God is same everywhere..”

“Yes, i know father that God is same everywhere… But i am not..“, replied son.