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Nasruddin used to preach at a villages on Friday’s only.

Once day he had nothing to preach about, so he asked congregation, “Do you know what i am going to discuss today with you?”
People replied, “No.”
“Then i refuse to teach such ignorant people who dont even know given the event in past week.!!” said Nasruddin and left assembly.

Next Friday he went to village and asked, “Do you know the subject for discussion today?”
This time people were fearing about repetition of previous week so they replied, “Yes. We know.”
“Well then, there is no point in telling you what you already know..” Said Nasruddin and left.

Next friday he went to assembly and asked, “Do you know what i am going to discuss about?”
Not knowing what to say some said yes and some said no.
“Good, then.. Those who know can tell to those, who don’t know.” Said Nasruddin and left.