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Once there were four students who didn’t like to study and partied all night before their test and next day missed their test. So, they planned to get a new date for test by lying to the professor.

They went to professor and told him that they all went to a wedding previous night and on their way back they got flat tire and didn’t had any spare tire because of which they missed the test.

Professor listened to them and allowed them to take test on later date. Friends got happy and studied for test on later date.

On decided day, boys were all prepared to give test. Professor asked them to sit in separate classrooms. Students were prepared so they agreed.

When students saw test sheet, they saw that there were only two questions in exams for 100 marks.

Q1. Your name: (1 marks)
Q2. Which tire of the car burst? (99 marks)
a) Front left
b) Front right
c) Rear left
d) Rear right