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A woman takes a job at the parish office of the local Episcopal church.

Although she wasn’t raised in that faith she loves the people and the priest so much, and finds them so special, that she converts.

One day the elderly priest comments on her conversion and asks what it was that made her decision.

“It’s because I’ve never met a preacher more devout than you,” she stated.

“I try but I wouldn’t say I’m any more devout than the pastor at your old church,” he said. “I’m just an old man who tries to do good.”

“Well, Father, I watch you every day,” she said. “When you come through the front door in the morning you make the sign of the cross, you genuflect again when you enter your office, and again before you sit down at your desk, and when you get up you do the same thing over again.”

“Child, I’m not making the sign of the cross,” he said. “I’m so old and forgetful I have to check that everything is still where I left it; spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.”