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Once Nasruddin went to a formal reception and seated himself on the most elegant chair. Seeing this Chief of guard approached him and said, “Sir, these seats are reserved for Guests of Honor.”

Nasruddin confidently replied, “Oh, i am more than mere guest of Honor.”

Chief questioned, “Oh so you are a diplomat.”

Again Nasruddin replied, “No, Am far more than a diplomat.”

Chief questioned again, “Really?? So are you a minister??”

“No, no.. Am bigger than that.”, said Nasruddin.

“OK..! Then you mast be the King himself.”, Said Chief Sarcastically.

Again Nasruddin quickly responded, “Higher than that..!”

Chief got angry and said, “What? You are higher that King?? Nobody is higher that King..”

Nasruddin smirked and said, “Now you have it.. i am Nobody.”