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Once a couple were out to celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary. They went to a restaurant for dinner.

After meal, on this occasion husband presented wife with a very beautiful antique gold chin with locket. Wife was very happy and she opened locket.

A tiny fair appeared in front of them. Couples were amazed to see that fairy.

Addressing the couple fairy said, “Your such long devotion to each other has released me from this locket. Now in return i grant you both one wish each. Wish for anything you want..!!”

Without thinking much wife wished, “Can i travel all around world with my husband?”

Fairy waver her wand and her wish was fulfilled. Magically on table there were two first class ticket for Round-the-World tour for them. Couple were very happy to see that.

Now fairy turned toward husband and said, “Now, your turn.”

Husband thought for few seconds and then said, “Forgive me but to really enjoy that holiday around the world, I yearn for younger women – So i wish that my could be thirty years younger that me.”

Fairy glanced at wife and with twisted look in her eyes, fairy waved her wand and with in second – Husband became 30 years older than his wife.