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A man went to buy fruits. He asked shopkeeper, “What is price of banana and apples?”

Shopkeeper replied, “Banana is 20rs/dozen and apples 100rs/kg.”

At same time, a woman came to shop and said, “Bhaiya (Brother), I want a kilo of apple and a dozen banana. What is price?”

Shopkeeper said, “Banana is 5rs/dozen and apples are 25rs/kg.”

Customer who was already in shop looked at shopkeeper, staring at him with devouring eyes. Shopkeeper, noticed this and asked him to wait for a while.

Woman took fruits and paid for them, murmured happily leaving the shop, “Thank you God, today my children will be very happy after eating fruits.”

After woman left. Shopkeeper looked toward customer and said, “God is witness brother, i didn’t deceive you.”

After stopping for a while, he continued, “Woman you saw just now is a poor widow, who is mother of four orphans. She lives in my neighborhood. I have tried many times to help her but she is not ready to take any kind of help from anyone.

Then i thought of this way to help her. Now, whenever she comes to buy fruits, i give fruits to her at minimum price. This way, she didn’t have to feel that she is being helped and dependent on other. This is only way i can extend my help to her.

And brother, whenever this lady comes once a week and day she comes, my sales increase. It’s God’s blessing.”

Listening to this, tears welled up in customer eyes, he hugged shopkeeper and happy bought fruits without complaint or bargaining.

If you want to Share Happiness and Help Other, You also find a Way. As it is said – Where there is a Will, there is a Way.